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What is skin booster

Skin boosters are essentially vitalizing dermal fillers that revitalize the skin, improving its appearance, texture and slows down the aging process from within.
Skin Boosters are injectable hyaluronic acid treatments designed to internally moisturize the skin, enhancing its quality and providing an overall 'boost.' By stimulating natural collagen production, they improve skin elasticity, firmness, and radiance. These boosters address various skin concerns, from sun damage and wrinkles to scars, offering long-lasting rejuvenation for up to 9 months. You can get it at We Are Beauty Clinic.
How long does skin booster last
The duration of each skin booster treatment varies based on factors such as the brand used and individual skin quality, as well as maintenance over time. Typically, skin boosters can last anywhere from six to twelve months at a minimum.
The results may vary among individuals, but initial improvements are usually visible immediately, with full results noticeable two weeks after treatment. However, without ongoing maintenance through additional top-up treatments at We Are Beauty Clinic, the skin will gradually return to its pretreatment state over time.
Skin booster treatments typically involve minimal downtime. While some bruising may occur temporarily, it usually resolves within a few days with no lasting effects. Additionally, small localized bumps at the injection sites may appear but typically begin to diminish within 4-6 hours.

How long does skin booster take to work

Skin boosters typically take several days to a few weeks to become noticeable. Initially, after the treatment, you may experience redness and small bumps resembling insect bites at the injection sites. However, these effects usually diminish within a few hours as the injected hyaluronic acid disperses under the skin.
Is skin booster treatment safe
Skin booster treatments are generally safer than dermal fillers due to the thinness of the solution used, which reduces the risk of vascular occlusion. While bruising and swelling are possible, they are usually minimal. You might experience temporary raised bumps akin to bee stings lasting a few hours to two days. Swelling, particularly around the eyes, may also occur, especially for individuals prone to puffiness.

Bruising is more common with boosters that involve multiple injections, and its severity varies depending on the treatment area. Although bruises may develop, they typically heal without causing long-term effects. For instance, bruising is more likely around the eyes than around the mouth or cheeks.