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What is non-surgical breast augmentation?

Polylactic acid is a collagen-stimulating, innovative, new-generation medication.
At the We Are Beauty Clinic you can get non-surgical breast augmentation, which involves injecting substances like hyaluronic acid or fat into the breasts to enhance size and shape. Hyaluronic acid, naturally found in the body, keeps skin hydrated and plump, while fat is harvested from other areas like the thighs or abdomen. Unlike surgery, breast fillers require no incisions, leaving no scars or downtime. They're ideal for those seeking subtle enhancements or not ready for invasive procedures. However, results aren't permanent. Hyaluronic acid lasts 6-12 months, while fat transfer can endure up to 2 years, necessitating repeat treatments for maintenance.

Risks of breast fillers
Breast fillers, while gaining some recognition, aren't as widespread as facial or lip fillers. Finding a skilled practitioner for breast enhancement can be hard. Surgical options like implants or fat transfer remain the conventional methods for altering breast size and shape. However, if breast fillers have become more prevalent, it's vital to consider associated risks and complications.

Here's an overview of potential risks and complications:

  • Infection. Like any invasive procedure, there's a risk of infection if proper hygiene isn't maintained;
  • Allergic Reactions. Some individuals may react to filler materials, ranging from mild irritation to severe responses;
  • Migration and Displacement. Fillers might shift over time, leading to an unnatural appearance;
  • Irregularities and Lump Formation. Uneven distribution or improper injection technique could result in lumps or bumps;
  • Pain and Discomfort. Injection may cause temporary pain or tenderness;
  • Capsular Contracture. Scar tissue formation around filler material may distort breast shape;
  • Long-Term Effects and Unknown Risks. Some risks may not be fully understood due to limited research;
  • Visibility on Imaging. Fillers might interfere with mammograms, making it harder to detect abnormalities;
  • Need for Repeat Procedures. Effects may not be permanent, requiring additional injections;
  • Unpredictable Results. Achieving symmetrical, natural-looking results can be challenging.\

While both procedures are non-invasive, consultation with a doctor is necessary beforehand. During this consultation, our doctor at We Are Beauty Clinic will assess the patient's needs and select the most suitable method for effective breast augmentation based on examination and discussion. Since patients have varying breast types, the choice of enhancement method should be tailored to each individual. Slim women may find breast augmentation with their own fat challenging due to the need for a sufficient amount of harvested adipose tissue.

On the other hand, hyaluronic acid can be effective for breast correction, firming, and slight enlargement. However, surgical methods of breast augmentation should also be considered, as they offer more dramatic results and the opportunity to address issues like excess skin or nipple areola reduction.