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How does botox treatment work?

Botox or botulinum toxin A is used to stop the flexing of the muscles that cause wrinkles for a while.
Botox or botulinum toxin A is used to stop the flexing of the muscles that cause wrinkles for a while. For example, it is frequently used for such face areas as forehead, around the eyes, and mouth.

Originally, this treatment was used to treat muscular conditions, but now it is also widely used in cosmetic procedures. We Are Beauty Clinic provides this treatment as well. It's a neurotoxin that affects nerves, temporarily weakens the muscles that cause wrinkles, resulting in a smoothing effect.

Anyone over 18 is allowed to get this treatment, but mostly people from 30 to 60 years old get this procedure.

Botox can be used as a preventive measure to delay the appearance of wrinkles, but in this case, it's hard to gauge the effectiveness of the procedure.

The effect from the procedure doesn’t last forever. After 4 to 6 months, muscles will begin to regain movement, so wrinkles will return. It is safe to repeat the treatment if needed.

Botox treatment is used to get various results, including:
  • smoothing out wrinkles and lines;
  • filling in shallow contours;
  • reducing lower eyelid shadow.

Generally, these shots are used to better the appearance of following face areas: foreheadlines, frown lines, periorbital lines, nasolabial folds, perioral lines and necklines.

Which botox treatment is more painful?

Procedures of that kind will cause some discomfort because a substance is injected into the skin to achieve a more youthful appearance by paralyzing targeted muscles.

Mostly patients find that the pain from the fillers is more intense than the pain from Botox injections. It is explained by the fact that fillers are injected into the skin, while Botox is injected into the muscle.

The pain from the procedures is temporary, but the swelling and bruising can last for a while and that can also prolong an unpleasant feeling. But from patients’ experience, the result is worth it.

When does Botox treatment hurt?

While Botox itself doesn't induce discomfort, after the local anesthetic wears off, some individuals might experience mild discomfort depending on the injection depth and quantity. Expectedly, minor side effects like redness, tenderness, and swelling near the injection site may arise but typically resolve on their own.

Compared to alternative non-surgical facial rejuvenation methods such as potent chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, or microdermabrasion, the Botox treatment offers a faster recovery process with minimal discomfort. The proficiency and experience of your Botox treatment provider significantly impact your comfort and safety, as well as the ultimate aesthetic outcome. At We Are Beauty Clinic we care about high-quality results and satisfied clients.