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What is a body thread lift?

You can get a body thread lift...
You can get a body thread lift at We Are Beauty Clinic. The targeted area will receive a local anesthetic before the threads are inserted into the tissues needing lifting. Using a needle, threads will be strategically placed at specific points to anchor and support the tissue. The number of threads used on each side of the area will vary depending on the treatment area to ensure balanced results.

The procedure duration is relatively short, contingent upon the number of areas being treated. As the area heals, the threads will gradually dissolve while remaining in place.

Body thread lift technology, initially developed for non-surgical facelifts, is now expanding to enhance various body areas. With this advancement, procedures for lifting the abdomen, buttocks, neck, knees, and more are available without the need for surgery. While some individuals may still require surgery to meet their cosmetic objectives, many can achieve a lifted and more appealing appearance through non-invasive body thread lifts.

For those seeking a tightened or lifted aesthetic without undergoing surgery, a body thread lift offers an ideal solution. This technique can complement other cosmetic enhancements, providing a rejuvenating boost to both body and skin.

Body threads
Body threads act as invisible supports, placed under the skin at specific depths and angles to stimulate fresh collagen production. Over time, the collagen matrix formed around these threads creates a lifting effect and restores volume in targeted areas.

Some benefits of using body threads include:

- Awakening and activation of the body’s natural healing processes;
- Stimulation of collagen and elastin production;
- Stimulation of fibroblasts;
- Stimulation of new blood vessels;
- Restoration of lost volume;
- Skin tightening, lifting, and rejuvenation;
- Improvement in skin texture and tone.

These results are typically immediately visible and continue to improve gradually over time, with the lifting effect lasting up to 1-2 years.
Why have a body thread lift?

As time passes, our skin undergoes aging, leading to the emergence of signs such as sagging skin in various areas of the body. Elasticity diminishes, typically starting in one's 30s, resulting in deeper creases, folds, and wrinkles due to the effects of gravity. This particular procedure, that you can get at We Are Beauty Clinic, has been shown to be highly effective and offers numerous advantages, including:

- Safety;
- Quick treatment time of only 30-40 minutes;
- Non-surgical cosmetic treatment;
- Minimal discomfort;
- No visible scarring or cut marks, threads are absorbed completely, leaving them invisible.