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Fat dissolving injections

Do fat dissolving injections work?
Fat dissolving injections are considered to be effective treatment in battling unwanted fat around the stomach, hips, thighs, and buttocks. Even with the right nutrition and constant physical exercise it is hard to achieve the desired look, so that's where fat dissolving shots are useful. We Are Beauty Clinic offers this treatment as well.

Here is a list of results, that you can experience after the procedure:

  • Slimmer appearance
  • Reduced double chin
  • Decrease in overall body fat
  • Flatter abdomen
  • More toned upper arms
  • Decreased buttock size
  • More sculpted thighs

The procedure itself doesn’t take long, it lasts from 20 to 40 minutes, but the results are not immediate, unlike with other injective shots.

Fat dissolving injections for double chin

A double chin isn't confined to those who are overweight and can emerge at any age, often due to genetic predispositions or aging-related skin laxity.

The treatment, when injected into fatty tissue, envelops and breaks down fat cells, prompting the body to safely eliminate them as waste through inflammation. This technique can effectively diminish fat in various facial areas, including the double chin and jawline.

Each session at We Are Beauty Clinic involves applying a numbing cream to the target area before administering multiple injections to troublesome spots around the chin and neck. The procedure, lasting approximately 15 minutes, utilizes a maximum dosage, with the number of injections and sessions tailored to the severity of the condition. It's important to note that the treatment experience may vary from person to person.

Side Effects of Fat Dissolving Injections

The side effects of this treatment are generally minimal and transient, often resolving naturally during the healing process. Here are some common side effects to anticipate:

- Swelling
- Temporary warmth and redness (typically diminish within 24 hours)
- Bruising
- Sensations of numbness and firmness
- Possible discomfort or pain

Fat dissolving injections before and after

Here are some examples of our clients’ results.