Terms of Service ("Terms")
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1. Definition of Services:
Listing and description of cosmetology services provided.
2.Prices and fees:
An indication of the cost of each service. Terms of payment, including payment methods and terms. Possible additional charges and their terms
3.Work schedule:
The mode of operation of the clinic. Possible changes in the work schedule, as well as notification of such changes.
4.Cancellation and rescheduling of appointments:
Policy for canceling and rescheduling appointments. Notification deadlines and possible penalties.
Protection of patient confidentiality. Clinic's obligations to comply with privacy standards.
6.Responsibilities and duties of the parties:
Clinic and client responsibilities. Compliance with safety and hygiene standards

1) Introduction

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3) Acceptable use

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4) Restricted access

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5) User generated content

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6) Limited warranties

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(d) we will not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of any event or events beyond our reasonable control;
(e) our maximum liability in relation to any event or series of related events will be limited to as insured

The document for providing cosmetology services states that the client agrees to receive a specific cosmetic service, is familiar with the price list, and is ready to make payment as specified. At the end of these points, it mentions that by signing the contract, the patient agrees to undergo the procedure, trusts the doctor, and follows the prescribed treatment. It also outlines the cost of the service and explains how the patient will pay, along with information on where to view the price list.

The patient pre-registers for an initial examination and consultation of the relevant specialty by telephone, in person or through the website of a medical organization. When making an appointment, the Patient must indicate his last name, first name and telephone number. The patient chooses the day and time of the appointment in agreement with the administrator from the available free “windows” in the appointment. When visiting the Medical Center, the Patient must:
  • put on shoe covers
  • contact the administrator, indicating the purpose of the visit.

When visiting a medical facility for the first time, the patient presents a passport or other identification document. This is necessary to conclude an Agreement for the provision of medical services, give consent to the processing of personal data, give informed voluntary consent to medical intervention (if necessary) and other documents.


  • bring into the building medical firearms, gas and cold steel, poisonous, radioactive, chemical and explosive substances, alcoholic beverages and other items and means, the presence of which, any of their use (use) may affect the safety of others;
  • carry medium-sized and large-sized items into buildings and office premises (including shopping bags, duffel bags, suitcases, baskets, bicycles, skateboards, scooters, electric scooters, skis, skates, etc.). Medium-sized items can be carried if they are in clean cases of any packaging;
  • move on the following means of transportation: roller skates, boards, scooters, bicycles and all similar means in the clinic premises, with the exception of patients who move using a wheelchair;
  • bring or carry animals and birds to the clinic;
  • location in the office premises of a medical institution without the permission of the Administration;
  • consume food in corridors, staircases and other areas of medical institutions;
  • smoking on the territory of a medical institution, both inside the building and on the territory of the medical institution;
  • speak loudly, make noise;
  • o leaves young children unattended;
  • extract from medical documents received for review;
  • remove any documents from medical records, from stands and from folders of information stands;
  • take photos and videos without prior permission from the health administration;
  • Enter and remain in the premises of medical institutions at a high angle and/or with a significant characteristic odor, dirty shoes;
  • Performing the functions of sales agents, representatives and representatives of commercial enterprises in the offices of clinics;

To be kept in the buildings and premises of a medical institution in a state of alcohol or drug intoxication, with aggressive behavior, a respectable appearance, and without complying with sanitary and hygienic requirements.
Policies of our clinic
COVID 19 Policy
In the event that a client or member of staff contracts COVID 19 Virus or has a positive covid result, their appointment will be rescheduled to a new date following a 10 day isolation period or the value of the deposit paid will be put on a gift card to use within 12 months of the original appointment date.

Clinic's Rights:

  1. When scheduling, payment for the consultation (if applicable) must be made, and the date and time should be discussed.
  2. The duration of the consultation (specified as 15-30 minutes in the conditions) and the specific consultation related to a particular procedure must be clarified.
  3. Clients are required to follow recommendations after the procedure.
  4. The clinic remains accessible for communication 14 to 15 days post-procedure, with any questions considered as a new procedure and subject to payment.
  5. For correction sessions, clients pay £10, and any subsequent consultations also incur a £10 fee.
  6. The clinic may reschedule a procedure for various reasons, notifying the client one day in advance (e.g., specialist illness, strikes, power outages, etc.).


The client is required to review the medical form and must honestly fill it out, not concealing any health issues. If the patient irresponsibly completes the form and hides the truth about their health, the clinic is not liable for the client's health and may withhold the deposit made by the client.
Consent forms are mandatory and must be completed before the date of treatment.
Consultations ensure that you do not have any contraindications and that you are medically fit for treatment. This is extremely important for the safety of our clients.
As an administrative fee, the deposit is non-refundable if after checking the medical form, contraindications to the procedure are found.


In order to sign up for a procedure, the client must pay a deposit. This amount is nonrefundable as it is our administrative fee.
If the client informs us 48 hours in advance that he/she wont be able to come, we can reschedule the appointment and the deposit is kept, but you can only reschedule once. The deposit is not refundable if the client refuses to reschedule.
Our clinic's policies state that for procedures with a cost below £1000, a deposit of £50 is mandatory, and for procedures exceeding £1000, a deposit of £100 is required.

Late Arrival:

Late arrivals are allowed up to 20 minutes and must be notified. A fee of £15 will be charged for every further 20 minutes you are late. We also have the right to refuse your appointment, but if we have time, we will do the procedure.


We understand that this is unpredictable and no ones fault, however, if you need to cancel at the last minute due to illness or emergencies, we will not be able to refund your deposit, EVEN IF YOU PROVIDE A MEDICAL CERTIFICATE FROM A DOCTOR. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are not feeling well before the procedure.
Also note that children are not allowed in the clinic under any circumstances. We ask you to visit the clinic on your own.

After Procedure Consultation:

Consultation after the procedure costs £30 and must be paid before the visit. This is to guarantee that the client will show up. If the client does not show up, this amount is not refunded. Because the specialist has allocated time for you, if you need to reschedule, you will have to pay again.
Online video consultation after the procedure is free of charge. Time is negotiated between the specialist and the client. However, if the client cancels the consultation, then the next consultation will cost £20.

Cancellation During Visit:

If you cancel during the visit, then you must reimburse the cost of the products that were prepared or bought for your procedure. If a full or partial payment has been made, you will be refunded within 2 days to your bank account.
Please notify us before booking your treatments if you have high blood pressure, special physical concerns, diabetes, are you pregnant, or have a history of skin pigmentation, any allergies, such as lidocaine

Before and after photos - why it is important to photograph the patient

Photography is one of the easiest ways to record the appearance of a client who has applied for help in a cosmetology clinic.
Photos remain in the gallery (portfolio) of the specialist. Such photos are documentary evidence of the procedures performed, and can be used by doctors to:
  • visual demonstration of their own skills;
  • to discuss the situation of a particular case at the consultation in order to choose the best way of further actions;
  • defense in the case of legal proceedings;
  • comparative analysis of the condition before and after.
Cosmetology clinic is not responsible for sending photos or videos to the client, the pictures remain to the clinic. If the client wants to see the before and after - the photo makes himself.

After care

In the group where the client is a member (WhatsApp) it is allowed to write only about after care, where we support the client for 2 weeks after the procedure, if the client is interested in any other questions, we ask you to compose a letter and contact the clinic's mail.

The answer to the client will be sent within 2 days.

Requirements for fulfillment of conditions for models:

I hereby give my consent to undergo aesthetic procedures at the clinic . I confirm that I have been fully informed of all risks and consequences associated with the procedure. I understand that the treatment involves procedures to improve certain aspects of my appearance.
I am also aware that the clinic may take photographs and videos during and after the procedure and I consent to photography and videotaping. I understand that the purpose of taking these images and video is for documentation, evaluation and possible promotional use by First Class Beauty Center LTD.
I hereby assign all rights to the photographs and video taken during the procedure to First Class Beauty Center LTD. I understand that the clinic has the right to edit, publish and use these photos and videos for promotional and educational purposes, including posting them on social media.
I have had the opportunity to discuss treatment, photography and media use with my physician and have had all of my questions answered to my satisfaction.
I have read and understood the information provided in this consent form and consent to aesthetic treatment and photography and use of media under the terms and conditions stated herein.
All deposits and booking fees are non-refundable unless agreed with the practitioner.


Requirements for fulfilling conditions for a student of the course:
  1. Make a deposit.
  2. Pay for the course before the start of the training.
  3. Arrive at the clinic 15 minutes before the scheduled time.
  4. Undergo training in a quiet atmosphere.
  5. Video recording is prohibited, and phone conversations during training are prohibited (except with the teacher's permission).
  6. Questions are allowed only related to the training.
  7. Time for a coffee break.
  8. It is forbidden for the student to engage in dialogue with the model to avoid enticing the model as a future client.
  9. Advertising another clinic or doctor in the presence of models is prohibited.
  10. Upon completion of the course, the student must take an examination test; if unsuccessful, the student may be denied a certificate. The company reserves the right not to refund the funds, allowing the student to re-enroll in the course with a new payment and retake the test with the company's permission. In case of non-compliance with the above points, the company has the right to refuse training, and the paid amount is non-refundable, going towards administrative fees.
The deposit made for our course is non-refundable under any circumstances. This policy is in place because we reserve specialists, locations, and models specifically for the course, which entails commitments on our part. Please note that even in cases of illness, we cannot return the deposit. We can only process a refund if you notify us one month before the start of the course.
All packages, treatments and courses are non-refundable!
We have the right to refuse service to you for medical reasons.

Thank you for choosing our clinic!