Mini HiFu Ultrasonic Machine

This device has a unique SMAS Lifting technology, which is a worthy alternative to a surgical lift.

1. Face lift, remove wrinkles: Activate collagen, improve
skin hydration, so remove wrinkles and fine lines.
2. Skin tightening, shape V face: double effect of RF and
Hifu, shrink pores and firm skin, shape their V face.
3. lifting neck, anti-aging: massage and raise their neck
usually can help to remove neck wrinkles and double chin.
4. Improve eye skin condition: low-power level to care for
your eyes around. It can remove fine lines and dark circles
under the eyes.
5. Activate collagen, improve skin moist and increase shine,
as well as remove wrinkles and fine lines.
6. Suitable for home use, and it can also conveniently take
anywhere and anytime with its portability.
Material: ABS & stainless steel
Feature: Face Lift, Skin Tightening, Skin Rejuvenation, Wrinkle Remover
Function: Skin Rejuvenation
Application: Home Use+office+travel
Keywords: Beautifying Machine
Technology: RF+Vibration
Type: Portable Multi-Function Beauty Equipment
Usage: Face Beautification
Power Supply: plug optional
Style: Portable Home
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