Multifunctional Beauty Machine

Magic Plus
Professional combine, includes the maximum number of the most effective functions:

Vacuum massage + RF lifting
RF body lifting + Red light
RF face lifting + Red light (2 maniples)
ultrasonic cavitation
A universal device that replaces 4 devices at once for cosmetic procedures.

It has built-in programs for body modeling and cellulite treatment.

Ultrasonic cavitation – To date, one of the most effective procedures for rapid body shaping and destruction of excess fat is non-surgical ultrasonic liposuction (cavitation).

Millions of people choose this method.

Ultrasonic waves act on the fat and cause the effect of cavitation in it.

Simply put, microbubbles are formed during the procedure. They increase, make adipose tissue softer and displace adipocytes from it, releasing triglycerides.

It is from triglycerides that fat cells are composed, after the procedure they are excreted from the body using natural metabolic processes.

Output power: 150V
Frequency: 40 kHz
• Power: 25W