Skin care massager

Simple and stylish - will become your FAVORITE in the fight against wrinkles

Product description:
1. Drop shape with streamlined design.

2. Toggle switch structure which can stand on its own without any holder.

3. Functions: EMS and vibration.

Through the service of EMS (electrical muscle stimulator): slimming, skin lifting and anti-wrinkle. It works by contracting facial muscles, activating the skin, accelerating the essence to effectively penetrate the skin, and then lifting the skin and removing wrinkles.

Vibration: vibration massage, relieve and tighten the skin, promote blood circulation 8500 ± 2000 rpm.

4. It has two cake stand probes of various shapes and colors, one is for massaging the skin around the eyes, the other is for massaging the skin of the face. Probes are removable and replaceable.

5. Inductive design, convenient to control and use. The inductive part is at the bottom with indicator lights around it.

6. Rechargeable, mini style, easy to carry.

Function:EMS + micro-waves massage
Battery Capacity:200mAh
Technology:Inductive control
Style:Water-drop outline and tumbler design
EMS current:100mA
EMS frequency:50HZ
Material:ABS plastic, ABS PC, Alloy

lwh: 55x55x86 mm