Mini Handheld HIFU home use ultrasonic beauty machine

The HIFU has been used in medical science for more than 50 years, which
is safe and effective, used for what causes organism lesion tissue in
organism medically. In the early days, it was used for tumour treatment
system, then it discovered that its excellent effectiveness in improving the
skin and causing fat and then it is introduced to the medical cosmetics field.

Home use HIFU focuses the ultrasound on single energy spots using
intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) to generate high energy work on the
superficial Musculo-aponeurotic system (AMAS), so that the SMAS layer
shrinks to stimulate restructuring and regeneration of collagen molecules
into the deep skin. Meanwhile, the energy glides over the skin, so there is
no need to harm over skin; it can also lift skin, compact face contour and
smooth fold quickly.

The energy is concentrated on the deep tissues without effect on the
superficial skin. On the one hand, it works deeply with desirable effect; on
the other hand, it protects the superficial skin better.

It adopts the most accurate patented "positioning display line" currently,
which can position the energy point accurately, and the energy is also
controllable, exquisite, and accurate. It is safe and protective with more
comprehensive effect.

A Cartridge with 3 different depths: 4.5mm, 3.0mm and 1.5mm. Based on
different skin and deep, different treatment probes can be chosen for
working on different parts of the skin with good effect, such as face, neck.

Treatment area: Skin area/Facial care
Work type: HIFU + RF + LED lamp
Energy type:HIFU 4MHz/7MHz
Technology: HIFU---High Intensity Ultrasonic
Function: Wrinkle Removal Anti Aging Facial