Facial Massager Energy Beauty Bar

Energy Beauty Bar
Your little helper in the fight against skin aging faces

Wrinkles, flabbiness, and other skin problems, to get rid of these defects, you no longer need to visit expensive cosmetologists.

A vibrating face massager will help you shine with unfading beauty again.

You will notice the effect of using the massager after the first procedures.

High frequency vibration ensures the penetration of gold ions into the skin, which provides a lifting effect, and starts the process of tissue repair.

When using this massager, you will also achieve the maximum effect of all cosmetic products.

which you use.

The active substances of creams, serums, masks will penetrate deeper into the skin and their action will be more effective.

weight: 80 g

Nutrition: Batteries

Number of nozzles: 1

Number of massage modes: 1